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Engineering Consultation

Ⅰ.The purpose of engineering consultation
The purpose of Engineering Consulting is allow customers to choose their own factory have the whole concept,including mines value,useful mineral elements,available beneficiation process,scale plant,equipment,project duration for the project etc., let the customer to know fairly well.

Ⅱ.The specific content of the project consultation
When the customer needs the engineering consultaion,Huali mining headquarters will arrange a experienced processing engineer,determine whether the ores can select or not.According to the customers with the mineral elements analysis alone.The analysis basis of the mineral elements mainly include:elements content(amount,kinds),the distribution elements of the state,the recovery rate of useful elements, etc.

Ores determined,technical support department according to the learned of mine scale,contact with simple and mineral construction departments,learn more about all aspects problems of the plant construction,supply a general offer by various departments.These departments mainly include geology,mining,mineral processing, smelting,mechanical,civil,electrical,etc..The technical support department will eventually integrate the recommendations provided by these departments to provide a brief quotation for the overall construction of the plant.

Huali mining provide related services according to customer's actual needs,provide relevant information more details,given by the mines advisory information will more accurate.Generally speaking,the main contents of the mine include these parts: mining parts, mineral processing parts,external conditions,investment estimation and economic benefit analysis.

Engineering consultation due to the limited information by customers to illustrate all the problems of the construction plant,the key factor is engineers with rich experience,only experienced engineer for customers can provide detailed engineering consultation,to let customers know their own mines value and plant well.

Ⅲ.Final results of engineering consultation
Engineering Consultation is an economic benefit analysis, including cost analysis and profit estimate.Analysis of economic benefits by the technical support department and the relevant departments to draw a comprehensive offer.Mining cost mainly includes mining transportation cost, mineral processing cost,financial management cost.Estimated profit mainly includes the ore grade,ores,price,annual output,total income,cost together,pre-tax profit,comprehensive estimation(recover the investment time).

Economic benefit analysis will allow customers to have a rough understanding about the size of the mine's investment and income situation,play a guiding role on the customer's future investment plans.


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