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Mineral Processing Experiments

Ⅰ.The preparatory work before the test
Provide representative samples 50kg to customers firstly for beneficiation test,some special samples need about 200-1000kg.For the test time,the simple and easy mineral processing experiments take 7 working days, a detailed test need about 30 days.Sign the test contract with customers before mineral processing experiments, determine which kind of mineral processing technology to carry out the test.

Ⅱ.The purpose of the test
In order to determine reasonable combined process,carry out the laboratory closed circuit test,get all kinds of technical parameters conditions,in order to increase the basis for the continuous expansion test,attatin the plant preliminary design basis.

Ⅲ.Test content
Determine the structure of ore,mineral composition,useful content,in order to provide a theoretical basis for the research of mineral processing;carry out test research and other research of mineral processing test,make sure the mineral processing technology scheme and technological condition;do the economic evaluation analysis for the obtained process route;provide small plant design other physical parameters.

1.Huali Mining Machinery Laboratory determine the raw material ingredients(structure of ores,ore minerals and ore type)and chemical properties(ore elements,ore particle grade sieving,ore density,ore relative grinding degree) were measured to draw a series of related data.

2.After the the laboratory completed,the mineral processing research laboratory for mineral processing test.The mineral processing test is mainly to test the best concentration condition of the mineral processing technology. First of all, according to the experience of the pilot to explore the test,to determine some kind of method with good effect,and then carry out a detailed test.Detailed tests mainly for mineral processing conditions,including grinding fineness,dosage,open circuit and closed circuit test,etc..After get the final product(concentrate and tailings),get the analysis of the recovery rate.After the concentrate and tailings of the settlement test, as a reference for equipment selection.

Ⅳ. The results of the test
After all the test work completed,the mineral processing laboratory is summarized,and a detailed report on mineral processing test will be given. At the end of the mineral processing test report,the optimum technological process and the technological parameters will be given.The report of mineral processing experiment is an important basis for the next mine design, and it has important effect on guiding the actual production.



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