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Mine Design

Mine design is mainly includes three parts: feasibility study, preliminary design, construction drawing design.

All works must be established on the basis of detailed field investigation, the most important point for mine design set up based on a detailed field survey,institute for customers to do a comprehensive field study, including plant selection for ores, the site of factory, hydropower, traffic and geographical and so on.

Ⅰ.Feasibility study
Investigation and study in all the work carried out,collect information, program optimization is the most important,this is the important basis to determine the feasibility of the construction program.For this important content of these parts,the working group needs different professional divide the work together, including:

1.Geological professional:collect the qualified geological prospecting departments to submit《geological survey and design》,《Geological Survey (detail survey) report》 or 《reserves verification report》 and approval documents.

2.Mining professional: collect information including: (1) Suggestions and requirements from the mine owners for the construction,(2) Collect existing layout of prospecting project maps for the new building mines,for technological transformation of mines,collected detailed existing mine haulage system data,(3) Grasp the detailed knowledge of the mining area terrain landform and the surrounding environmental conditions; (4) The first stage of the preliminary design of mines informations.

According to these datas,mining method, mining equipment, ventilation system for the mining experts to design or optimize,a feasible plan for the mining section will be given.

3.Mining machinery professional:collect informations about mines in lifting,transportation,compressed air,water supply and drainage, ventilation,in order to determine new mines in the status of the existing equipment of mine equipment quantity and specification,give the feasible scheme for mining equipment optimal use and purchase.

4. Dressing professionally: Collect datas for new project needs of the professional dressing:《the ore beneficiability test report》,the factory topographic maps 1:500, 1:1000,factory site around water,electricity, tailings dam,environmental protection requirements situation, construction standards by owners,the amount of investment,the owners building suggestion etc..For the expansion project to collect:existing project scale,ore beneficiability test report and process status production process,production and operation indexes and material consumption,the existing types of equipment and production capacity,existing concentrator general layout and the workshop equipment layout,existed in the production of the problem.According to these data,the new plant or expansion of the mineral processing process to come up with a feasible plan.

5. Power professional: For newly building mines,the power of professional needs to collect : (1). Power supply environment around mines (2). The topography and landforms for mining area and power supply (3). General situations for substation power supply (4). Local power supply department on the user's requirements,such as: power factor power supply,start method for large supply electric equipment (5). Local of lightning protection and grounding requirements (6). External communication and local communication. For the expansion of the mine, need to collect: (1). The current status of power supply (2). The higher level of the substation situation (3). The existing security power settings (4). The existing communication status.

After collected the data, the electric power system of the new mine or the expansion of the mine system should come up with a feasible plan.

6. Civil engineering: collect information including: (1). Explorate field geomorphic condition;(2).The geological and hydrological data collection, about “geotechnical engineering investigation report "; (3). Local architectural style, structure and waterproof, thermal insulation and other construction practices;(4). Investigate the local building materials sources, including transportation,price,mainly has: gravel,brick,plate,steel,cement etc.According to these data,the civil engineering department in the report for the customer to explain the structure of the building form,while establishing the main project structure and the main building practices.

In addition to the above professional,the professional information collection also includes: the general layout and transportation (geography, terrain data ; social economy ; meteorology ; flood ; engineering geology and hydrogeology ; traffic situation ; environmental protection), tailings( hydrology and meteorology), drainage , heating and ventilation etc.

Through all the above professional data collection and feasibility study. Ultimately, the dressing plant construction to determine a feasible scheme, at the same time,the program will be written for the feasibility study report, submitted to the relevant department for review.

"Feasibility study report" have strict requirements for the preparation of the unit's qualifications, ability, experience, professional titles. It is an important basis for environmental assessment units, safety pre evaluation and other units to carry out the environmental assessment,safety pre evaluation and other assessment works (some projects need to carry out assessment works for soil and water conservation,land reclamation, etc.).Customers through the "feasibility study report", understand the size of the plant, the scale of investment,benefit of the plant and other key issues.

Ⅱ.Original Design
"Feasibility study report" through the examination and approval, the Mine Design Institute began to carry out preliminary design work, take out the design of the factory building design.It is Mainly involved: dressing, general layout, electric power, communication, civil engineering, environmental protection, drainage, tailings, safety and fire protection, investment estimation and economic benefit.For change,expansion, following the construction of the enterprise,the preliminary design will be given the current situation, characteristics, main problems and the main building and equipment utilization.

Jin Hao company has a large numbers of mineral processing engineers, they can be based on customer requirements, design or less investment for customers,design quick or easy to manage different types of factory, and design costs less than the national standard.

After the preliminary design completed, the Design Institute experts will gather all the contents of the summary for the detailed "preliminary design report",Audit to the Mine Design Institute of the Department.

Ⅲ.Construction drawing design
Finish the preliminary design, according to the design of the construction plan make the construction drawing.For each aspects of the plant to draw a large numbers of construction drawings, such as construction, in general, to draw more than 50 pieces of the construction plans.Huali mining machine has large numbers of engineers,with rich experience,quickly drawing speed.Construction drawings completed at the construction site commanding officer of the construction of “design clarification”, Talk in detail for construction the matters needing attention and strict standard,the important content and details the handover.


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