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Equipment Production

Equipments manufacture is responsible for Huali mining machinery production workshop,Huali mining machinery production plant covers more than 45000 acres, divided into two production factories, produce dressing and smelting more than 200 kinds equipment,provide a full set of main and auxiliary equipment with 10000 tons/day scale below the mine production.Huali mining machine company has passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification,our company has formed a complete and strict quality management system, operate strictly in accordance with the requirements of the quality manual.

Turnkey service from Huali exclusively responsible for the construction of the plant all the problems,so for the main model selection by the customers,by virtue of the previous rich experience can be determined,make the mines design and equipment manufacture can proceed at the pace, greatly shorten the construction period,save time and cost for customers.In order to guarantee the time limit for a project, Huali will formulate detailed and feasible project schedule in total package,strictly supervise the progress of work for project control group.

In equipments manufacturing,Huali make full use of their own advantages of mineral processing of professional and technical personnel, combine the technology and machinery manufacturing,develop and improve for 80% of the mining and metallurgical equipments,forming their own characteristics;in the processing equipment,Huali mining machinery production workshop with cars,milling,planing,milling, boring, drilling,punching,welding,bending,shear plate more than 80 sets of general machinery processing equipments,it also has special processing machine turning lathe for ball mill,such as more than a dozen mines of machining equipment.

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