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Installation & Commissioning

Installation and commissioning is the key links in Huali company overall service truly realize the mineral processing experiment,mine design, equipment manufacturing,it is directly related to the concentrator can reach the standard and production.Installation and commissioning is mainly include:Equipment packaging,shipping,on-site installation and commissioning.

1. Installation and debugging
Installation and commissioning is the important preparation work in Huali company overall service,it can truly realize the mineral processing experiment reach in good condition.Installation can be completed efficiently,Debugging well.Installation and commissioning mainly include:Equipment packaging,shipping,on-site installation and commissioning.

▶ Nude pack

Nude pack is mainly used for some of the equipment is not easy to wear, stable quality, no need packaging equipment, such as the installation of steel plate,cylinder plate of equipment, to save cost for customers.

▶ Bundle pack

Bundle pack is suitable for installation materials of angle steel, channel steel, steel pipe and the reinforcing plate on the equipment, a reinforcing plate, flange and other small objects,with large amounts,wear items.And mark (mark in packaging on the import and export equipments), note the name of the equipment, specifications and quantity.

▶ Rope bundle pack

Rope bundle method is suitable for the bearings, belt conveyor, rollers etc. They are so easy to touch and damage the equipment.

▶ Waterproof winding pack

Waterproof wrapping suit for all bare packaging equipment, two types of electromechanical,reducer,electric control cabinetadopt the stretch packaging, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti abrasion.

▶ Snakeskin bag, bubble wrap pack

This pack method is mainly used for spray-painted surface and easy to wear equipments, anti-corrosive,antiabrasion, anti collision.

▶ Wooden Pallet Pack

Suitable for leaching tank blades,conveyer belt bracket,supporting roller bracket,etc.Fit for the large numbers,easy dispersion,easy rolling goods.

▶ Packed in wooden cases

Packed in wooden cases for equipment spare parts, laboratory equipment, the installation of electrical materials, such as a large numbers of small size of the equipment.Packed in wooden cases need the packing list, details and English&Chinese contrast.

Ⅱ.Equipment shipment
▶ Container

In addition to large equipments and heavy equipments with overlength,overwide,overheight,for overseas election plant overall services,using 40 foot high cabinets container shipped in crates,each container by Huali logistics professionals design,under the premise of not waste volume,make the max weight near to the container capacity weight, make full use of every container,save packing and shipping cost for customers.

▶ Frame cabinet

Frame cabinet is used for the large equipments and heavy weight equipments with overlength,over-width,over-height.Such as ball mill, mixing tank and so on,through the rich experience operators to pack, so that the equipment is firm, reliable, no damage.

Ⅲ.On-site installation and commissioning
On-site installation and commissioning is a very careful and rigorous work, with strong practice,any deviation can lead to a decline in recovery, can not achieve the desired value.For example:the same type of equipment, in different construction according to the actual needs,if the opening position is different and cause the deviation;installation causes the deviation;in the beneficiation process,water and chemical usage amount have nuance and so on.These nuances will have a significant impact on the rate for the final recovery.

In view of the importance of on-site installation and debugging, installation debugging work is mainly set up three installation teams,they are from mines in the front line of production,as selection factory and mines of engineering and technical personnel in charge led.The installation and commissioning personnel are from Huali company will full participation in a client of mine design of old technicians selected, It is mainly based on two considerations:First one:old technicians with rich experience,know the equipment structure,performance and usage very familiar,play a multiplier effect on the installation test;second one:For full participation in the customer of mine design work,they can solve many actual problems quickly in dressing plant construction.

Huali is always persist in the principle of customer’s profit first, according to the actual situation of customers,provide three kinds of on-site installation and commissioning:

▶ Free guide installation

Related professionals have sent an rich experience of the technical staff, technical guidance for the installation and commissioning of the customer's plant, to save the expert cost.To guide the installation and commissioning of foreign customers to charge with the cost of travel.

▶ Contract for labor,without materials

Huali is responsible for the installation and commissioning operators,the customer is responsible for all parts, tools and other materials.

▶ Contract for labor and materials

Huali is responsible for the installation and commissioning for all tools and materials and personnel configuration,customers can directly wait for the final results.


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