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Hematite sorting process

Process achievements
Stage grinding, stage selection, selection with high efficiency; 
Multi-process combining usage, environment friendly; 
Strong magnetic tailing-reverse flotation process to ensure concentrate grade.
Application field
The hematite sorting process can be applied to hematite with uneven impurity grain size and with a relatively large amount fine-grained content. It could also be applied to partial magnetite, and hematite with quartz, kaolin in the gangue mineral which has complex characteristics.

Advantages of the process
Stage grinding which could reduce subsequent operations and the costs
The first stage of grinding classification adopts ball mill and cyclone to form closed-circuit grinding, which can ensure the classification efficiency and ensure the classification granularity. Moreover, some qualified concentrates can be sorted out in advance. By applying the high gradient magnetic separator, some low-grade tailings can be discarded, which can reduce the amount of re-grinding of the mine, avoid over-grinding and reduce metal loss. 
Adopting magnetic separation-flotation combined process, environment friendly
The magnetic separation operation sorts out qualified coarse concentrates and tailings in time, which is in line with the principle of early harvest and early abandonment. The operation could reduce the flotation operation and reduce the cost. 
Strong magnetic tail-reverse flotation process, flotation substance with less contents and inhibiting substance with high contents. The process is more economical
The strong magnetic process can recover fine-grained iron minerals, which can play the dual roles of deliming and tailing, which could create better conditions for flotation operations. The reverse flotation process has a simple chemical system, which can significantly reduce the organic matter such as flotation reagents entering the pulp to mitigate its adverse effects on the flotation process.


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