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Magnetite magnetic separation production line

The magnetic separation method is in a dominant position in the selection of iron ore. Huali uses gravity selection, magnetic separation, flotation and roasting magnetic separation, and combined processes for weak magnetic iron ore. For the ferromagnetic iron ore, direct magnetic treatment would be applied. 
Application field
The magnetite magnetic separation line can be applied to a single magnetite ore with a simple ore nature.
Process description
Sorting process of strong magnetic iron ore
The process is mainly used to select low-grade magnetite. Because of the strong magnetic properties and well-grounded properties of ore, the current stage grinding is used for the coarse-grained magnetite. Otherwise, the multi-stage grinding process is adopted. Currently, Huali promotes the fine grinding technology which can increase the concentrate grade from 61% to 67%;
Sorting process of weak magnetic iron ore
After magnetization roasting, weak magnetic minerals can be sorted by strong magnetic minerals.
Fine grinding
In the process of grinding, stage selection and single weak magnetic separation at both ends, the re-grinding and re-selecting process on the fine sieve is added, which can separate the fine-grained minerals that have dissociated from the monomer in time, reduce the occurrence of over-grinding, and improve the processing capacity of the ball mill. Meanwhile, the concentrate grade could be increased by about 2%.


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