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Flotation process of fluorite ore

The fluorite ore could be processed by gravity selection method and flotation method. The mineral processing equipment is also divided into gravity selection equipment and flotation equipment. The gravity selection equipment refers to elimination equipment and only the elimination equipment can process coarse-grained fluorite ore. Flotation equipment of fluorite ore is similar to other mineral flotation equipment, including crushers, ball mills, flotation machines, etc.
Application field
The fluorite ore flotation process can be applied to the refractory fluorite ore with high mud content, high symbiosis of impurity minerals and fluorite, and valuable minerals distributed with fine grain size.
Process description
Separation of fluorite from sulfide ore
For the fluorite containing sulphide ore, generally use xanthate collector to float the sulphide ore, then add fatty acid collector to flotation fluorite. During the flotation process, a small amount of sulfide mineral inhibitor could be added to suppress residual sulfide minerals to ensure the quality of fluorite concentrate. 
Separation of fluorite and barite
Fluorite and barite are generally mixed and floated, and then separated. During the mixed flotation process, oleic acid is used as a collector to obtain a mixed concentrate. The mixed concentrate can be directly floated or reverse floated to obtain a fluorite concentrate. 
Separation of fluorite from quartz
Fatty acid is used to capture fluorite, and water glass inhibits quartz. The amount of water glass should be properly controlled. A small amount of water glass could active fluorite, but the inhibition of quartz is not enough, and the excessive amount will inhibit fluorite. Sometimes in order to enhance the inhibition of quartz by water glass, some polyvalent metal ions are added, which not only inhibits quartz but also calcite.


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