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Flotation process of molybdenum ore

Process advantages
• Refine the coarse concentrate to improve the concentrate index;
• Select the concentrate regrind process to identify according to the specific properties of the ore;
• Reduce energy consumption by 30% and increase recovery rate by more than 10%;
Application field
The molybdenum ore beneficiation production line can be applied to a sessile molybdenum ore with a complex nature of a single molybdenum ore, a close symbiosis of the sulfide minerals, and a fine grain size of useful material.
Process description
Stage grinding, stage selection, and improvement of concentrate indicators
The coarse selection is carried out in the case of coarse grinding. The obtained coarse concentrate is further ground and further selected. The amount of coarse ore concentrate is small in the re-grinding process, and can achieve mineral monomer dissociation. In the acquisition of high grade and high recovery concentrate, while saving energy.
Strengthen the flotation process and improve the grade of molybdenum concentrate
Strictly implement the pharmaceutical system in the rough selection section, control the dosage of the drug, and achieve “Harvest as early as possible”, reduce the number of cycles and inaction loss, make full use of the secondary enrichment of the foam, and through appropriate no water. The concentrate foam is rinsed to reduce impurities in the foam to enhance the flotation.


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