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Phosphate flotation equipment production line

According to the nature of different phosphate ore, the phosphate rock sorting process includes flotation, rubbing and demineralizing; gravity selection, chemical leaching, and combined beneficiation; photoelectric sorting, magnetic capping method, etc., among which flotation is the most widely used phosphate ore, including direct flotation, reverse flotation, positive and negative flotation and double reverse flotation. 
Application field
The phosphate flotation equipment production line can be applied to the complex and diversified ore structure, including minerals with complex mineral occurrence relationship, with the fine grain size, with close mosaics relationship, with common symbiosis, and the phosphate rock which is difficult to dissociate.
Process introduction
Positive flotation process
It always applies effective inhibitors to inhibit gangue minerals, and use collectors to enrich phosphorus minerals in foam, which could be applied to low-grade phosphate rock, including magmatic rock type apatite and sedimentary metamorphic phosphate ore.
Reverse flotation process
It is mainly used for the separation of phosphate rock and dolomite. The dolomite is floated with fatty acid collector in weak alkaline medium, and the phosphorus mineral is enriched in the tank. The biggest advantage is that the method could achieve the floatation in normal temperature. The coarser grain size is beneficial to the post-processing of the product.
Double reverse flotation process
Double reverse flotation is to make the surface of the silicate positively charged under alkaline conditions and use the anion collector to achieve the separation of the target mineral, that is, first float the dolomite, and then reverse flotation silicate, then the product in the tank is heavy concentrates. The production line could be operated under normal temperature and coarser particle size conditions.


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