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Scheelite flotation production line


The selection of scheelite can be processed by gravity dressing, magnetic separation, and flotation. For the ore with different the type and nature of the ore are different, and the beneficiation methods and processes used are also different. However, based on the good floatability of scheelite, the presence of calcium-containing gangue minerals similar in nature to the ore leads to the complexity of flotation.

Application field

The scheelite flotation production line can be applied to scheelite containing a variety of other metal minerals and non-metallic minerals in the ore, the useful minerals symbiotic existing with gangue minerals, and scheelite with complex structure.

Process description

Separation of scheelite from calcite and fluorite

The process commonly used concentrated pulp and high temperature method. Firstly, concentrate the slurry to a concentration of 60-70%, then add water glass, raise the slurry to 80°C, stir for 30-60 minutes, then dilute with water, float white tungsten at room temperature. The products in the tank are fluorite and calcite.

Separation of scheelite from barite

Because the water glass has similar inhibition effect on scheelite and barite, it is difficult to separate them only using water glass. It is also necessary to use the alkyl sulfate as a collector to repeatedly select the barite at pH=1.5-3.0 condition, and obtain the scheelite in the tank.

Separation of scheelite from sulfide ore

Before the flotation of scheelite, xenon was used to capture sulfide minerals. When floating scheelite, a small amount of oxides and sodium sulfide were added to inhibit the small amount of unexpanded sulfide.

Separation of scheelite from quartz silicate

Using oleic acid as a collector and water glass as an inhibitor, then quartz and silicate-like gangue can be inhibited and scheelite can be floated.


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