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Dry discharging of tailings

Process achievements

The final tailings water content is less than 15%;

Save more than 2 RMB / ton than traditional process systems;

The service life of the equipment is twice that of the traditional process, and the maintenance cost is low;

The applied mine has been rated as "Green Mine" for many times;

Application field

It is mainly used for the concentration and dehydration process of tailings in the beneficiation plant to achieve the purpose of dry discharging of tailings, thus avoiding environmental pollution. It is the preferred process for implementing green mines.

Process Advantages

Dewatering effect of tailings is good

The three types of patented equipment are used for dehydration: Huali concentrated hydrocyclone + high-efficiency deep cone thickener + high-efficiency multi-frequency dewatering screen, so that the final concentration reaches more than 85%, and achieving dry discharging.

Low operating cost of the production line

The unique equipment combination of tailings dry discharging process requires less investment on both equipment and civil construction. Moreover, Huali patent equipment has good dewatering effect, low energy consumption and greatly prolonged service life, further reducing operating costs.

Long service life

The equipment used in the tailings dry discharge process is inside lined with Huali wear-resistant rubber, and the wear resistance index can reach 128%. The rubber with different characteristics can be lined according to the specific pulp property, and the application range is wide. The life of the entire production line is twice that of the ordinary equipment production line, which greatly reduces manual maintenance, and the operating cost is reduced by at least 2 RMB / ton.



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